Flavia's yoga student: Marina


I have been practising yoga with Flavia for three years on almost a weekly basis. Flavia is an incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, she truly lives and breathes yoga. I have seen her growing more and more into what she does, and I find her commitment very inspirational and motivating.

Her classes are well taught and varied, every one of them is a journey to better understand yoga as a body and mind discipline.

She is patient and makes you feel safe and in good hands, she is encouraging without being pushy, and she is very compassionate and caring. Her instructions are clear, and I feel she always puts lots of thought into the different flows and how to structure the lessons.

I truly enjoy her classes with a balanced mixture of slow and faster rhythms.  I always leave feeling vibrant and a bit more in touch with myself.

I look forward to practising on the mat with this smiley, good-hearted friend in many more occasions, and I would really recommend her classes to anyone who is new to yoga or wants to grow more into this discipline.


Flavia's yoga student: Ha


I really enjoy learning mindful flow yoga with Flavia. I have been practising with her for over three years and have made wonderful friends with other regulars at Yoganest.

She is a passionate teacher and is great at explaining and engaging students. She is also very patient and encouraging. I like the fact that she is thorough in her instructions and adjusts our poses to ensure that we adopt the right alignment and practise safely. I went to classes elsewhere but haven't received the same level of care and attention as I have with her.

Her 75 mins class starts with 15 mins warm up, a few more minutes are used to wind down at the end, and allows a good hour of stronger practice in between. If I had a late Saturday night, this class the next morning feels like an eternity, but otherwise it's fantastic!


Flavia's yoga student: Vasily


I have been practising with Flavia for the last three years. She offers a very enabling approach with attention to students' needs and emphasis on detail, peppered with an upbeat sense of humour. I enjoy Flavia's classes a lot and would highly recommend her as a teacher.

Emma Evans

Emma, my first yoga teacher

Flavia first came to my classes back in 2009. Right from the first one, Flavia's interest in yoga was evident with the type of questions she would ask after each session, and the body awareness that not all first time students have.

 I no longer live in the UK but had the pleasure of attending Flavia's Sunday morning yoga class on a visit to London and it was an absolute delight.

I practise yoga daily and have done for over 25 years; over these years I have been to various yoga classes around the world and in all honesty there are very few classes and teachers I can wholeheartedly recommend. Flavia not only is a beautiful human being but a wonderful yoga teacher I highly recommend.


Amanda and Flavia at one of Amanda's exhibitions


I have been attending Flavia's class for over two years now. I find that there is always the right balance: she always gives the option of either test ourselves a little further or step back if something doesn't feel right for us.

Flavia is always sunny, bright and positive, she always checks our alignment and provides us with props if we need them. She is always encouraging and helpful. I persuaded my boyfriend to start attending her classes and he too has found that they are just the right level for him and enjoys her teachings, having been to other classes in the past but not been able to find the right one until now.

Photo: Flavia & Amanda at one of Amanda's exhibitions.

I have been going to Flavia’s vinyasa flow yoga class for over a year at Virgin Active and really look forward to it every week! It has helped me gain strength and is the first yoga class that I really enjoy and find challenging and beneficial. 
Flavia is a brilliant yoga teacher who explains all the poses very well, she always provides different levels so the classes are challenging for all students. She ensures that you are correctly aligned and adjusts you when needed. Flavia is very passionate about yoga and this comes across in her classes. I would highly recommend that you try one of her classes.
— Stephanie