It's never too late to be what you might have been

The cute fox at the top of the page was drawn by my sister. As in, my 40-year old sister. As in, not when she was younger, but just a couple of months ago.

She never drew anything (we are not a creative family on the artistic front), but last year she decided that it was time to uncover something that might always been there, albeit never explored. And so she began to draw, watching videos on YouTube on how to create shapes and shades, using different colours and tools. I respect her for the energy she put in learning something new, from scratch and on her own, and it gives me joy to see that type of enthusiasm when people are learning something new, because - and this is what it really is about - they are creating or discovering a new side to themselves.

I guess went through a similar process a few years back when I decided to take up yoga teacher training. When I finished high school I considered studying to become a PE teacher; however that did not happen and I went down a different route. A few years later I discovered yoga and the gifts it brought to my life, and decided that it was time for me to become what I might have been. I was 33 when I enrolled into a gruelling 24-months journey to learn to teach yoga - you can read more about all the challenges that came with it (and not just practical!) on my old blog, A yoga teacher's journey.
Four years later, I'm writing this new blog post, getting ready to launch my website as a yoga teacher. Wow, life can be surprising, if you just let her do its thing...

The quote "It's never too late to be what you might have been" is by George Elliot.